Padella! The Best Italian Food in London

In the heart of Borough Market, there is a tiny restaurant producing stupendous food: Padella
There I have eaten the best pasta dish – in London – ever!

I used to work in the City, near Monument station, I often walked from London Bridge Underground Station till the Office. For my complete pleasure and happiness, one of these days, I left the station using a different exit, when a window got my attention with fresh pasta being made, in front of the eyes from everyone walking on the streets.

Beautiful, pretty, magnificent, fresh pasta! Che Bello!
I am not Italian, I am Brazilian; however, I love, love, love, love and Love, Italian Food. The smell of fresh basil over a Pomodoro sauce is a temptation to me. Or a bruschetta, hum, prosciutto. Well, you know what means.
The first idea popping in my head was, I have to come and taste that, so I did!

On the next Saturday after putting my eyes through Padella, I said to my husband: today, we will try a new Italian Restaurant, I am so excited! Hope the food will be good as I am expecting!

The horrible Queue

Oh my God! The Queue is huge! Enormous! Outside the restaurant, a bunch of people waiting patiently for their turn. We look each other and then the inevitable question: we will stay in the queue? Oh, bloody hell!
Sometime later…

The place

At first glance, it is such a little place! Seats on the bar with a privileged view from the open kitchen and then, stairs leading the way to another room downstairs. Great Surprise.

The menu

Well, what can I say? I loved! not too many options to select, however, the Menu is terrific.
Starters – Antipasti -prices starting from £2 to £5.50 – from simple (?) Green Olives to creamy and delicious Burrata
Pasta dishes – Pasta – prices starting from £4 to £11 – Gnocchi, Tagliarini, Raviolli and the Superb Pappardelle with Beef Ragu, the star of the Menu.
More? Ok… Aperitive, Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks and Puddings. To complete the experience ask for an espresso, made especially for you.

The Food

Tada! Worthy every penny! It is so good! Outstanding! I ordered the stupendous Pappardelle with Beef Ragu, it is spectacular. I am speechless to explain how good it is.

From the Antipasti till the Pudding – we choose the Almond tart, was perfect. Five stars. Yammy.
To be honest, I have been at Padella many times, even by myself, seated at the Bar, for lunch. I miss this place, a lot.

Where to go

nearby Borough Market
6 Southwark Street
London, SE1 1TQ

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday
12-3.45pm & 5-10pm
12-3.45pm & 5-9pm

Don’t forget the espresso!

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