Travelling at the 40s

When my husband and I had completed 40 years old, we decided to travel abroad for the first time. I have been passionate about Italy my entire life, so we choose Italy to be our destination.

I remember, we were short in money those days, so, I stop to spend money in coffee shops, in magazines, avoid to buy new shoes and clothes, saving every penny to the big trip.

We travelled a total of 34 days: 21 in Italy, 7 in France, 4 in England and only 2 days in Spain. That was not a luxury holiday, however, fulfilled my soul with joy and grace.

I am so grateful for it. It was the first step of the journey to realise a dream. I have never written about it before, but my heart is appealing to do it now.

So, if you like stories, be my guest to read these words.

Roma, Italy
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