Bordeaux: Fabulous Historic Town with the Largest Water Mirror in the World

Bordeaux is a fabulous town, impregnated with historic buildings, amazing museums, great food, fantastic wines and a modern nightlife.

What to do

Place de la Bourse

A historic square resisting the time, every day more pretty

Garonne River

Around the bank, there is a lot of bars, restaurants, shops

Walk in Bordeaux City

The town has a historic centre full of palaces, churches, museums, theatres and amazing cafes to sit and relax.

La Cite Du Vin

The City of Wine – a modern museum inaugurated in 2016


Pontac Esplanade, 134 quai de Bacalan, 
33300 Bordeaux, FRANCE

Discover the route of the famous path to Santiago de Compostela

Bordeaux is part of  the route to the famous path Santiago de Compostela; the city has many places indicating the route


A medieval village, full of history, fabulous Wines. Visit the Chateaus for wine tastings and fantastic views.

Must to see

Le Miroir d’Eau

Located at the Place de la Bourse, in Bordeaux, France,  Le Miroir d’Eau is the largest water mirror in the world.

The area which contains impressive 3.450m2 is transformed in a magical place when the water starts to come out from the floor. Kids, adults, nannies, everyone is affected by the spell, It’s Fun and Contagious!

Tip: Sunscreen and hat are a good team against the Sun               

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